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3D printing applications - Custom book casing with PA12 nylon

Discover your 3D print for personalized customization

1. Idea: A friend compiled his photographs over the past 50 years into an extensive book with a typical Hong Kong architectural motif on the cover. He wanted to create an empty rectangular object to wrap the book. Because books move a lot, the finished product needs to be tough and unbreakable.

2. 3D Model Drawing: I measured the overall size according to the book provided by friend . The final model size XYZ is 261x232x35mm, and the diameter of each cylinder is 1.2mm respectively.

3. Choose 3D printing technology: Firstly, because the model is continuously empty and each column size is small, FDM printing technology is not suitable; Secondly, the finished product needs toughness and is not easy to break, so we finally decide to use MJF printing technology, PA12 nylon materialGood toughness, strong and flexible, strong impact resistance, and printing does not require support). Friend is very satisfied with receiving the printed product, and I thank him very much for his support. This shows how 3D printing can create many different works according to your idea.

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