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3D Scanner

It captures fine details with an accuracy of up to 0.05mm. The single capture range is as wide as 200*100mm and the scanning speed is as high as 10FPS. It can quickly scan medium-sized objects and directly output them into the most widely used 3D file format OBJ / STL / PLY, allowing users to print immediately or carry out further creative design work.

1)Up to 0.05mm Accuracy

MOLE 3D Scanner adopts a dual-lens design and an improved precision calibration method to achieve professional-level accuracy of up to 0.05mm. It can effectively scan and acutely capture the small parts, miniature models and other detailed 3D prototypes, then output them in the most widely used 3D file formats - OBJ / STL / PLY. 

2)0.1mm High Resolution

MOLE 3D Scanner uses a high-resolution lens to scan object dimensions accurately and supports shooting complex colours and textures with mainstream DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Mole 3D Scanner will also automatically map colors to the models to achieve true color fidelity.

Safe Facial Scanning & Accurate and Detailed Scanning.jpg

3)Safe Facial Scanning

MOLE 3D Scanner uses near-infrared (NIR). NIR has excellent optical compatibility which can clearly detect and identify even black objects. In addition, using a harmless NIR light source, facial scanning and biometric scanning can be safely performed, allowing users to easily create head sculptures, pet models, etc.

Scan Black Object (web).jpg

4)No-marker Scanning

With MOLE 3D Scanner, there is no need to stick markers on the surface of the objects before 3D scanning, even when scanning large objects such as car hoods, car doors, and front or rear bumpers, etc. In addition, the built-in software supports automatic alignment, noise removal, simplifying, repairing and texture mapping at different angles and postures.

5)Equipped with Smart Technology

Through AI and sophisticated algorithms, with optical anti-shake and visual tracking functions, MOLE 3D Scanner makes 3D scanning as easy as taking videos with our mobile phone. It can be easily operated by beginners, also ensures smooth and stable scanning even in handheld mode. Its frame rate is as high as 10FPS which greatly reduces the distortion rate. Therefore, complete and accurate 3D object images can be obtained with every scan.

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