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FoodBot 2 Food Printer Rental

Let's get a taste of future food technology

Since the birth of the first food printer in 2006, food printing technology has gradually matured in recent years. It is not only limited to foods such as chocolate, dough and biscuits, but even foods with soft properties can be used. The appearance and presentation of food have a great degree of influence on food production. Not only the look and feel, but also the taste is closely related to it. However, it used to be handmade in the past, and some overly complicated designs could not be completed, but the 3D food column Yinke has great advantages in food product design and customization, including a significant reduction in time and cost.



  • Visit the company to pick up the machine and operate the teaching (optional on-site service including printer transportation and explaining how to use it, the charge is $800)

  • The lease term is at least one week, and the charge is $3500

  • Rent renewal is $300/day (late rent will be calculated as performance rent)

  • The deposit is $8,000. which will be refunded by the bank after 3 working days after returning the food printer

  • Provide a pack of 25g chocolate, 10 Foodbot 2 special syringes (additional purchase is $10 each) and a preheater.

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s*Special offer for  company, school and Charity 

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