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FDM 3D Printer

People often complain about the slow printing speed of FDM 3D printers. This FDM 3D printer may change your mind. It is a new milestone in FDM 3D printing technology. Its printing speed is as high as 600 mm/s, 3-4 times faster than traditional ones. You can print out your design within 20 minutes, suitable for daily or teaching use.

QIDI High Speed FDM 3D Printer-01.png

1)Fast 3D Printing Speed

The powerful 64-bit processor allows this series of High-Speed FDM 3D Printers to successfully achieve fast 3D printing speeds of up to 600mm/s with an acceleration of 20,000mm/s². Moreover, the PRO equipped with an enormous build volume of 325 x 325 x 315 mm allows users to print large works or mass-produce smaller objects promptly.

2)Silent Stepper Driver & Resonance Compensation Function

QIDI High Speed FDM 3D Printer-02.png

The PRO is equipped with the Trinamic TMC2209 silent stepper drivers, it can complete the 3D printing work swiftly without making serious noise. In addition, the carbon rods on the X-axis and a more lightweight extruder with a gear ratio of 9.5:1 also successfully reduce the weight of the whole structure, to make for smoother and faster movements. It is also equipped with the resonance compensation function, which reduces the impact of vibrations, ensuring high print quality without visible artefacts. The Starter is equipped with the TMC2240 driver, which can reduce vibrations and ensure stable printing quality as well.

QIDI High Speed FDM 3D Printer 3-4-06.png

3)Scratch Resistant & High Flexibility Printing Plate

The special coating on the printing plate of this series of High-Speed FDM 3D Printers is not only scratch-resistant but also has good adhesion, greatly improving the stability of 3D printing. In addition, this printing plate is flexible and elastic. After completing the 3D printing, you only need to bend the plate slightly, and the 3D printed work will release itself.

4)Smart Automatic Leveling

QIDI High Speed FDM 3D Printer-05.png

A general 3D printer may only have 9 points to adjust the printing plate, the High-Speed FDM 3D Printer (PRO) has an intelligent automatic levelling function with up to 16  points to further ensure that the printing plate is parallel and the bottom layer of the models will not be tilted. It can be properly attached to the printing plate, and the printed works will naturally be more accurate. Although the High-Speed FDM 3D Printer (Starter) only has 9 points like a general FDM 3D printer on the market, it can automatically complete the levelling process without a levelling card, so the beginner can easily handle it and successfully print their work.

QIDI High Speed FDM 3D Printer 6-03.png

5)Integrated Heated Chamber

The integrated heated chamber allows users to adjust the temperature according to the requirements of different 3D printing filaments, up to 65°C for the PRO, and up to 65°C for the Starter. It allows users to experience more different types of 3D printing materials, such as Carbon Fibre (PLA-CF). The stable high temperature inside the chamber can also ensure that 3D printing materials are layered evenly without delamination or edge warping. It is naturally much more reliable when printing high-performance thermoplastic materials.

6)Equipped with a Circulation Fan

QIDI High Speed FDM 3D Printer-07.png
QIDI High Speed FDM 3D Printer-08.png

This series of High-Speed FDM 3D printers not only has an integrated air circulation fan but is also equipped with an activated carbon air filter, which can effectively absorb the odour and potentially harmful substances released by 3D printing materials such as ABS during the 3D printing process, it's ok for you to use it even at indoors or in places with insufficient ventilation.

7)Equipped Filament Dryer Box

The Climate in Hong Kong is subtropical, which is very hot and humid, the 3D printing filaments would be easily destroyed if they are not properly stored. This series of High-Speed FDM 3D Printers is equipped with a dryer box, which effectively keeps your 3D printing filaments away from moisture and greatly reduces the chance of failures in printed models due to moisture in the 3D printing filaments.

8)Real Time Remote Monitoring

This series of High-Speed FDM 3D Printers has its software - QiDi Slicer, allowing users to monitor the printing situation in real-time via WiFi. It is suitable for teachers to observe whether students operate the printer properly anytime and anywhere outside the classroom, and when encountering printing errors. This FDM 3D printer can also be stopped remotely and instantly to reduce the waste of 3D printing filaments. The High-Speed FDM 3D Printer (Starter) also comes with a camera and can be monitored in real-time through a mobile app, making the printing process more visible.

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