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CNC Machine

It is a multi-functional 4-axis CNC machine that supports 3D engraving and embossing. The A-axis adopts helical gear, which ensures stability and the accuracy is as high as 0.01mm. It is equipped with a mobile app, which can directly send the design to the CNC machine for engraving and remotely monitor the engraving progress.

1)Compact but Powerful

This desktop 4-axis CNC machine is small in size but fully equipped! It is suitable for personal use at home, for processing in the studio, or for teaching in schools. It is easy and flexible to operate. Users can use the mobile app to monitor the engraving process remotely, pause the engraving process or adjust the engraving speed at any time; moreover, it has a 10-second automatic tool setting system and intelligent broken knife alarm, allowing users to carve precise and detailed works safely and securely.

1) 機身細小 功能強大.jpg

2)Wide Engraving Space

The size of the 3D carving and embossing areas has also been greatly improved! The working space of the 3D carving is 110 mm in length, and the diameter is up to 80 mm. It is easy to process and carve the cylindrical raw materials into 3D stamps, jewellery, decorations, etc. The working space of embossment is 30% larger than that of ordinary small CNC machines, with (L)125 mm, (W) 100 mm, and (H) 80 mm, allowing you to use jade, wood, plastic and other large-scale materials for engraving so that users can add more changes when creating.

3)Dual Y Axis + Helical Gear Reducer Increase Stability

The desktop CNC machines on the market generally engrave with a single Y-axis, resulting in an unstable engraving state at the far end of the Y-axis. Ours is a desktop CNC machine with dual Y-axis, the stability and accuracy of the entire engraving process can be significantly improved! In addition, we use a precise helical gear reducer to replace the traditional belt drive or spur gear reducer. The engraving accuracy is greatly enhanced through the stable low-speed rotation, and the maintenance cost of parts caused by the belt's easy ageing is also effectively saved. Finally, there are several cooling fans at the back side of the machine, which not only have strong heat dissipation performance but also make less noise during operation. When the air inside the machine can keep circulating, it can ensure stability and make the engraving machine more durable. The most important thing is much safer.

4)Engraving Anytime & Anywhere

As long as you download the mobile app on your smartphone, you can directly send the pattern to the CNC machine for engraving easily, also monitor the engraving progress and change the engraving settings remotely. There are more than a thousand free engraving files, as well as a large number of instruction videos, including CNC machine operation, programming, maintenance, precautions, etc. Therefore, even if you are just a beginner, you can also enjoy the fun of using a CNC machine.

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