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3D Food Printer

It is easy to use. There is no limitation to printing ingredients, so you can freely mix ingredients into 3D food printing "ink". With different sizes and thicknesses of the 3D food printing nozzles and the unique external preheater allow you to develop your creativity and make exquisite 3D modelling food!

FoodBot 3D Food Printer Preheater-01.jpg

1)External Preheater allows non-stop printing

The 3D food printers on the market generally need to put the ingredients into the "cartridge" inside the 3D food printer and wait for a long time before tempering the ingredients into a state that is suitable for printing; at the same time, since 3D food printing has high requirements on the temperature of the "ink", which means it cannot be heated in advance as well. Therefore, when you need to make a large-scale or a large number of works, and the "cartridge" of the 3D food printer suddenly "runs out of ink" in the middle, you will need to suspend the entire creation and printing process, and then put the ingredients into the "cartridge" and have a long wait again to continue with your 3D food creation printing.

And FoodBot specially designed a unique external preheater to solve the above problem. It can operate independently, allowing you to prepare another "cartridge" during printing, so your 3D food printing process will not be interrupted anymore! Next time, you only need to take out the "new ink cartridge" from the FoodBot external preheater to replace the empty one, so you can continue to print your variety of creative desserts, snacks, dishes or soft meals without waiting.

Provides Different Size of 3D Food Printing Heads-01.jpg

2)Printing Nozzles, Precision & Accuracy

FoodBot 3D food printer with three types of printing nozzles, which are 0.6mm stainless steel nozzles, 0.8mm stainless steel nozzles, and disposable nozzles. The original box comes with four stainless steel nozzles for each size and eighty disposable nozzles allowing you to freely switch different nozzles to match the lines and textures you need and make the 3D food printing creations more refined and more varied.

3)Disposable Parts. Clean & Hygiene.

FoodBot 3D food printer is easy to take care of, and not many accessories that need to be cleaned. There are stainless steel printing nozzles and stainless steel printing plates that need to be cleaned only, and the cleaning is effortless. As for the "ink cartridges", FoodBot 3D food printer is equipped with 80 ink cartridges, so you can wash and reuse them or throw them away after each use according to your needs. If you are worried about the food safety issue caused by careless cleaning, FoodBot 3D food printer is not only equipped with 80 disposable "ink cartridges", but also 80 disposable printing nozzles, and cooking papers that fit the size of the printing plate, which allows you to eat the 3D modelling food you print with peace of mind!

4)Good Printing Stability

FoodBot 3D food printer weighs about 17 kg. You don’t have to worry about accidents that the printer will be pushed down easily. It can also ensure printing stability and not distort the printed lines due to a slight collision, to reduce the chance of printing failure.

5)No Limitation to the Printing Ingredients

FoodBot 3D Food Printer - Multiply Ingredients-01.jpg

There are no limitations on the printing ingredients, so you don't have to purchase the designated one from us. Users are encouraged to mix ingredients and create their own "3D food printing ink". 3D food printing is no longer limited to chocolate. In fact, it's not difficult to find out there have lots of food that can be processed into "ink", such as pumpkin, potato, cheese, jam, butter, flour, etc. You can 3D print exquisite desserts such as cookies or pastries, soft meals for infants, and even more innovative dishes we have not yet discovered. The FoodBot 3D food printer allows you to develop your creativity and help you grow your catering business.

6)Tailor-made Acrylic Box

You can additionally order an acrylic box that fits the size of the FoodBot 3D food printer, so you don’t have to worry about others touching your work and small insects, dust or bacteria falling on your work during the printing process. The tailor-made acrylic box further guarantees food safety, so everyone can feel more at ease when eating the 3D modelling food printed by FoodBot 3D food printer.

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