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​SLA/DLP Printing?

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If you interested in 3D printing and seeking a platform to start with in Hong Kong? Or have many questions and puzzles on printing quality? Welcome to HK3DTech 3D Printing working. We are now providing FDM printing workshop and SLA printing workshop.

In the workshop, you will be able to understanding the introduction of 3D printing technology including designing software, slicing software, hardware and how to select printing and material for different kind of application. Not only teaching the principle of 3D printing but also use our fantastic 3D printers and relative equipment during the course.

Scheduled lessons are held in Cantonese BUT no limited to English and Mandarin lessons, please contact us for information.

Enrollment: Please send your enquiry to or phone-in: 2193-5175

Price:HK$800/person (SLA workshop) Buy 1 get 1 FREE!!!

*Special discount will be offered to educational group/company/NGO,

  please contact us for further information!

DLP Procudure.png
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