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​What is food 3D printing? You are right, it's food print! ! 

Food 3D printing is the potential technology in the near future that become must-have apparatus in restaurants and home kitchens! The principle of Food 3D printer is similar to FDM 3D printer which printing layer by layer. 

It capable to print various foods, such as butter, bean paste, mashed potatoes, chocolate, sesame paste and even your own recipes.

                                           If you are interested in printing food in Hong kong, try to print a eatable food which design by your own or                                                                           even if create a unique recipe for 3D food printing. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

: Email to or call: 2193-5175 .

Price : HK$500 per person, including your own 3D printed products

(the ingredients must confirmed in advance), and drinks will be provided.

* Schools/companies/groups will be offered special discounts, please inquire for details!

Note: All ages welcome! Gloves must be worn during the process to ensure food safety.


Image source: 3D Systems

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