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0.02mm Layer Resolution / Auto Leveling

Easy To Use Software / Plug and Play

HK3DTECH provides you with free Training and one-year maintenance service.

What can you print on your Rose Go?

HK 3D Print 香港3D打印 - Marvel Groot 樹人
HK 3D Print Cube 香港3D打印 - 幾何圖形擺設
HK 3D Print 香港3D打印 - Star Wars 星球大戰 BB-8
HK 3D Print 香港3D打印 - Zombie Hunter
HK 3D Print 香港3D打印 - Colossus 鋼力士
HK 3D Print 香港3D打印 - Rocket Dog


High Precision

Silent Fast And Stable

The core components of Rose Go are metal, which ensures machine stability. And it’s Z-axis clearance gal assembly greatly improves print quality and accuracy.

One of the most common complaints about 3D printers is the loud noise that they make during printing. Rose Go has come up with an ingenious silent drive solution. Our StealthChop2 ultra-quiet technology can keep the motor sound under 10dB, much lower than typical printers.  


3.5inch TouchScreen

LED Lighting

Compared with the digital display screen used in the traditional 3D printer, we use the full-color touch screen to bring better display effect and better human-computer interaction experience.

The LED light source can provide a panoramic view of the working state of the machine.Even if you work at night, you can deal with it easily.



Plug And Play

Rose Go uses the most advanced 16-point leveling algorithm. The induction sensor in the automatic leveling machine detects the distance between the print head and the bed. Leveling is easier than ever, making print set up fast and simply for beginners. 

Rose Go is plug & play and can be set up in minutes. It is designed to be easy enough that even beginners can quickly get started and begin their creations in 3D. The screen allows the user to pause and save during the print process. Real-time adjustment of printing speed, printing nozzle temperature for better printing tasks.


HK 3D Print 香港3D打印 - RoseGo 3D打印機成品 - 不同層厚的區別
HK 3D Print 香港3D打印 - RoseGo 3D打印機 - 使用0.9°摩打,精細度大大提升。

0.02mm Layer Resolution

Instead of a standard 1.8° stepper motor, Rose Go uses a 0.9° motor with twice the precision. This significantly improves fineness and accuracy.

Multi Material

It supports a variety of print materials including color PLA, wooden busts, or silver-textured figurines and can also print flexible consumables such as TPU and PETG with excellent performance. 

​Easy to use

HK 3D Print 香港3D打印 - RoseGo 3D Printer Software RoseGo 3D打印機軟件

User-friendly slicing software

Easy to use software-Rose3D. To start your creation, you only need to drag and drop the print file into Rose3D to convert the G-code .

HK 3D Print 香港3D打印 - RoseGo 3D Printer Software RoseGo 3D打印機軟件
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