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  1. Can reach 0.02mm layer height
  2. Ultra-quiet, the sound of the motor is kept below 10db
  3. 3.5 inch full color touch screen
  4. The most advanced 16-point horizontal calibration algorithm
  5. Plug and play, free training for beginners, easy to use
  6. The 3D model can be sliced with one-click through the parameters adjusted by the manufacturer, and a high-quality model can be printed;
  7. Suitable for children, educators, female players, professionals, etc.;

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ROSEGO Entry-Level 3D printer

HK$8,980.00 Regular Price
HK$6,980.00Sale Price
  • Molding technology: Fused Deposition Molding (FDM)


    Forming size: 125*110*125mm


    Layer height: 0.02-0.3mm / 20-300μm


    X/Y positioning accuracy: 0.01mm


    Z positioning accuracy: 0.002mm


    Slicing software: rose3d/cura/simplify3d


    Computer system: MacOS / Win7 /8 10


    Input file format: .stl / .obj / .x3d / .3mf / .png / .jpg / .gif / .bmp, etc.


    Output file format: .gcode


    Printing speed: 10-80mm/s


    Maximum travel speed: 150mm/s


    Printing material: PLA and its derivatives/TPU/PETG/ASA/HIPS/PP/PVA/wood materials, etc.


    Material diameter: 1.75mm


    Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm


    Number of nozzles: 1


    Nozzle temperature: 260°C


    Print bed type: magnetic flexible platform


    Leveling type: 16-point automatic leveling


    Transmission system: cross optical axis ball bearing transmission system


    Stepping motor: 0.9° step angle and 1/16 rate micro stepping silent drive


    Fan: Ball bearing fan


    Operation panel: 3.5-inch color capacitive touch screen


    Language: Chinese/English


    Connection method: Type B USB (commonly used for printers), USB finger

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