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  1. Larger curing volume: up to 192*120*260mm
  2. The 4k black-and-white LCD screen only requires shorter exposure time, higher printing speed, ensuring an accuracy of up to 0.05mm, and providing more details.
  3. The resin flows through the mesh holes , curing faster, easier to bond the model, and the printing is successful
  4. The double linear guide is made of industrial grade parts , which can provide more stable performance, less friction and higher accuracy
  5. Equipped with a smart sensor for real-time resin flow detection , reminds you of resin shortages, and allows you to quickly replace the print without damaging the print
  6. High-quality quartz lamp beads and matrix design to achieve uniform ultraviolet light energy
  7. Equipped with dual air filters and activated carbon gauze to filter dust in all directions.
  8. The nano film with higher light transmittance shortens the reaction time and effectively improves the printing accuracy.
  9. Smart Slicing enables smart support settings for people who are not familiar with print settings.

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JGMaker G6 LCD 3D Printer

  • Technical Parameters

    Product model: G6

    Control panel: 4.3" touch screen ​Slicing software: CHiTu Box Supported file types: STL, CTB Printing technology: LCD-based Curing 3D Printer

    Light source: UV integrated light (wavelength 405nm)

    XY resolution: 3840*2400 (4K)

    Z-axis resolution: 25μm

    Printing layer height: 10~150μm

    Printing speed: 60mm/h

    Supporting material: 405nm photosensitive resin

    Rated power: 140 W

    Printing platform: mesh perforated platform

    Machine size: 280*248*510mm

    Printing size: 192*120*260mm

    Packing size: 365*340*605mm

    Net weight: 11.5 kg

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