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  • FOODBOT-S2 food rapid prototyping 3D printer is a single-jet food rapid prototyping 3D printing equipment independently developed by SHINNOVE Technology. The smallest print nozzleis only 0.3 mm, real-time constant temperature control, automatic height adjustment.



  • Support color screens, computers, mobile phones and other terminals, massive model library cloud control, use a variety of carefully formulated nutritional ingredients to meet the visual and taste experience.


  • 0.3mm accuracy; ±0.1°C temperature control; automatic height adjustment, interactive experience; cloud control; rich food

FoodBot S2 3D Printer

HK$35,800.00 Regular Price
HK$29,800.00Sale Price
  • Colour: Silver


    Material Sheet: metal


    Machine size: 420x380x400mm


    Print size: 150x150x70mm


    Forming principle: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)


    Net weight: 17KG


    Positioning accuracy: 0.1/100mm


    Number of print heads: 1


    Print head diameter: 0.3-1.55mm


    Print head temperature Within: 50℃ Or customize the temperature as required


    Ambient temperature: 8-30℃


    Printing speed: 20-50mm/s


    File format: STL, OBJ


    Voltage: 220V


    Power: 50W


    Support ingredients: Chocolate, biscuits, toffee, pastries, jam, mashed potatoes and other ingredients


    Control: Color touch screen, PC, USB, mobile terminal Modeling software 4.5-inch touch screen, including online food 3D model library printing, hand-painted 3D line printing, input 3D text printing, photo 2D to 3D printing and other fast modeling functions, support one-key material change and automatic height adjustment functions


    Support language Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Korean


    Shelf life: One year


    Certification: CE certification, food grade test report

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