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The 3D printing consumables vacuum kit is a new portable household vacuum device for vacuum storage of consumables. Especially for some consumables with high water absorption, such as PVA, PA, ABS, TPU, Nylon and other consumables, when your consumables are not used up after opening the package, in order to prevent the material from absorbing water and affecting the printing quality, you can use this kit to save your materials. The vacuum kit can be used in conjunction with eBOX to achieve the best printing results for consumables.

The kit has passed BPA-FREE and FDA certification, food-grade materials, safe and environmentally friendly.

eVacuum Kit

  • Accessories:

    Air pump x1

    Size: 16.5x3.5x3.5cm

    Weight: 50g

    Material: ABS+silicone

    Air pumping: ≥8L/min


    Vacuum bag x10

    Size: 30x34cm

    Material: PA+PE, certified by BPA and FDA

    Thickness: 0.085mm

    Storage temperature: -20 to 85℃


    Temperature indicator card x15

    1. Environmentally friendly cobalt-free humidity indicator card, indicating range 10%~60%.
    2. When the humidity in the surrounding environment of the humidity indicator card rises to a certain value, the corresponding indicator point on the indicator card will change from brown to light blue.
    3. When the indicator point turns gray (between brown and light blue), the value in the indicator point is the current ambient humidity.


    Seal clip x2, desiccant x15

    Note: When the humidity reaches 50%, it is recommended to replace the desiccant.

    Store in a dry, cool environment; avoid direct sunlight and water.

    The humidity card can be reused after drying in an oven or hot air.


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