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1. Patented intelligent aviation ceramic pen head, with special protection head outside, not easy to burn.


2. The appearance of the printing pen is designed with ergonomics and the hand-held grip is very good, and the buttons are also designed to match the pen holding posture.


3. Sleep state.


4. One-key intelligent operation.


5. Small size, light weight, single pen weight only 49.5g, suitable for all kinds of people over 8 years old.


6. Low noise and low motor resonanc.


7. Automatic protection function.


8. Complete product certification materials and related patents:
Such as ROHS, CE, FCC, etc.


9. High product quality and low after-sale rate.

SUNLU 400/400A 3D Pen

  • Product model: SL-400/SL-400A


    Weight 49.5g


    Gross weight 0.22kg


    Product packaging: 170*75*35mm


    Product: 159*24*27mm


    SL-400: Use consumables PLA (170°)

    SL-400A: Use consumables

    PCL (55°)


    The product package contains: 1 3D printing pen

    1 USB data cable

    1 This manual

    1 brochure

    SL-400: 2 packs of PLA consumables

    SL-400A: 2 packs of PCL consumables

    2 finger cots


    Product power specifications: Voltage: 5±0.25V

    Electricity: 2A

    Rated power: 10W


    Product after-sales (replenishment accessories/Free maintenance/paid maintenance/warranty)


    Warranty: One year warranty. Damage caused by using non-original brand consumables or incorrect operation in accordance with the instruction manual is not covered by the warranty.


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