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Silk Rainbow, Metal Silk Rainbow, and PLA Rainbow, all change color at about 25 meters.


The colors of Silk Rainbow are red, yellow, light green and purple.


The colors of Metal Silk Rainbow are gold, copper, bronze, and metallic gray.


The colors of PLA Rainbow are red, yellow, blue, and green.


Each roll has more than four colors. The colors are random and very gorgeous. The first color is random, and the size, filling, and quantity of the printed model will affect the color effect.

Nature3D Rainbow

  • General Printing Guidelines *

    Nozzle size: ≥ 0.15mm

    Floor height: ≥ 0.1mm

    Printing temperature: ±200~220℃

    Printing speed: 40~60mm/s

    Hot bed: ±0-60°C

    Withdrawal: need ± 5mm

    Experience level: beginner

    Fan speed: 50-100%

    Heat distortion temperature: ≥55℃

    *) The settings shown above are to guide you to find the best print settings. These ranges should work for most printers in the settings, but feel free to experiment outside of these ranges.



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