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  1. Large print size: 210x130x240mm
  2. The overall structure is firm: the all-metal body design is adopted to improve the stability during printing
  3. High resolution: 2560 * 1600
  4. High printing accuracy: higher layer resolution, layer thickness up to 25μm, improving the smoothness of the model surface
  5. Touchscreen: 4.3-inch high-definition full-color touch screen, more convenient operation
  6. Precision ball linear guide: The precision ball linear guide assembly is used to ensure stable movement and high reliability
  7. Intelligent automatic resin feeding: equipped with intelligent liquid level sensor, automatic resin feeding
  8. Innovative cleaning system: Design an intelligent cleaning system to automatically clean the resin tank
  9. Dual curing integrated: post curing and light curing integrated, curing process is better, curing time can be set arbitrarily

JGMaker G5 Integrated SLA 3D printer

  • Technical Parameters

    Product model: G5

    Control panel: 4.3" touch screen ​Slicing software: CHiTu Box Supported file types: STL, cbddlp, OBJ, SLC

    Printing technology: LCD-based SLA

    3D printer Light source: UV integrated light (wavelength 405nm)

    XY resolution: 2560 * 1600 Z-axis resolution: 1.25μm

    Layer thickness: 25 ~ 100μm Printing speed: 20mm/h

    Rated power: 200 W

    Machine size: 682.4 * 433 * 600mm

    Print size: 210 * 130 * 240mm Supporting material: 405nm Resin

    Net weight: 30 kg

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