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  1. JGMaker A5S adopts integrated sheet metal molding, which is not easy to shake, reduces resonance, and is stable as a stone, which can effectively ensure the smooth printing of the model.
  2. Printing size: 305x305x320mm
  3. Patented nozzle all-in-one kit: high-precision patented nozzle design, multi-process testing to ensure product quality, uniform heating during printing, smooth discharge without plugging
  4. Black Diamond Glass platform: It can well control the flatness error to be smaller and ensure the accuracy of the printed model
  5. Design process safety: neat wiring, built-in power supply design, multiple circuit protection, protective nozzle design to avoid burns
  6. High-end balanced coupling: high-precision bearings, high hardness, high wear resistance, stable operation, higher precision and longer service life
  7. Intelligent auxiliary leveling: Five-point touch intelligent leveling, from point to surface, sensitive operation, single-point real-time compensation, in case of emergency.
  8. Material break detection: early warning of material break or lack of material
  9. Resume printing after power off : support printing after power off
  10. Integrated automatic feeding and retreating: Effectively solve the tedious operation of feeding and retreating materials, almost requiring manual intervention.
  11. Modular design: only two steps, novices can quickly install and use
  12. Thermal runaway protection function: to prevent temperature runaway.

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JGMaker A5S 3D Printer

  • A5S technical parameters

    • ​ Extrusion technology: FDM

    • ​ Printing size: 305x305x320mm

    • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

    • Printing layer height: 0.05~0.3mm

    • Printing speed: 10~150mm/s

    • ​ Support printing materials: PLA, TPU,  ABS, PETG, etc

    • Nozzle temperature: ≤245℃

    • Hot bed temperature: ≤110℃

    • Hot bed: Black King Kong glass platform

    • Control panel: 2.8 inch touch screen

    • Positioning accuracy: X/Y: 0.012mm Z: 0.001mm

    • Printer size: 431*370*423mm

    • Support format: .STL, OBJ, G-Code

    • Support slicing software: Cura/Simplify3D/Slic3r/JGcreat

    • Screen language: Chinese/English

    • Machine weight: 13.8KG

    • Package weight: 16.5KG

    • Packing size: 640*600*255mm

    • Power: 300W

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