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S007 desktop 3D scanner adopts a multi-interface intelligent turntable. In addition to being able to cooperate with the scanner to perform automatic scanning, the turntable can also be controlled separately through software for research on object shooting or photo 3D modeling.


The scanned data can be encrypted and decrypted in the software.

JGMaker S007 3D Scanner

    1. Single scan accuracy: 0.10mm
    2. For scanned data, encryption and decryption functions can be implemented in the software
    3. Spatial dot pitch: 0.17-0.20mm
    4. Scan time: single scan speed less than 10s, full automatic scan speed of turntable less than 3.0min
    5. Maximum measuring range: 260mm *260mm *260mm
    6. Camera: 3 million pixel color camera
    7. Multi-interface intelligent turntable: The intelligent turntable can not only cooperate with the three-dimensional scanner for full-automatic scanning, but also can control the turntable separately through software for research on object shooting or 3D photo modeling. The turntable comes with 2 high-speed USB ports, which can fully reduce the occupation of computer USB ports
    8. Intelligent feature point splicing: during 3D scanning, there is no need to paste mark points on the surface of the scanned object, and intelligent automatic splicing can be carried out, which will not cause data damage and texture loss
    9. Multiple scans and fusion: For objects with complex shapes, users can scan multiple times, and the software will automatically merge them into a complete model
    10. The software supports three-dimensional data collection, automatic splicing, automatic color fusion, automatic hole filling, cutting and other scanning data processing functions
    11. One-key 3D printing: The scanning software has a one-key printing function, built-in 3D printer slicing software, no format conversion is required, and the scanned STL data can be directly imported into the slicing software through the shortcut button for layered processing and direct printing
    12. Scanning method and light source: non-contact raster surface scanning, white LED
    13. Scanning mode: automatic scanning of the turntable
    14. Splicing mode: feature splicing (without marking points)
    15. Data output format: STL, OBJ, PLY, OFF
    16. Maximum load-bearing capacity of turntable: 10KG
    17. Color texture: support, 24 true colors
    18. The software has free switching between Chinese and English
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