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  • Short curing time, no deformation during molding
  • The finished product has a smooth surface and high precision
  • The printed work piece can be rinsed with water directly without sticking to your hands

Water Washable Precision Model

Color: Orange Red

    Resin type: Water Washable Precision Model

    Resin Applicable wavelength (nm): 385-410

    Density (g/cm³): 1.05-1.25 Viscosity (25°C, MPa *s): 100-350 Surface hardness (Shore D): 80-85 Flexural modulus (MPa): 1882-2385

    Bending strength (MPa): 40-70 Heat distortion temperature (°C): 80

    Coefficient of thermal expansion (/): 95*E-6

    Volume shrinkage (%): 3.72-4.24 Linear shrinkage rate (%): 1.05-1.35

    Tensile strength (MPa): 30-52 Tensile modulus (MPa): 1779-2385 Glass transition temperature (°C): 100

    Notched impact strength (J/m): 41-48


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