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The eBOX Lite material box is a cost-effective storage box of constant temperature and humidity, moisture-proof and dust-proof consumables with heating function specially developed by esun for 3D printing consumables.

Compared with eBOX, eBOX Lite removes the weighing function;

The upper cover is made of transparent material, and the usage of consumables can be observed in real time;

The design of the arc-shaped heating piece and the sheet metal heat-conducting piece makes the heating more uniform, and it is easier to maintain constant temperature and humidity in the box;

Thermal insulation, flame-retardant thermal insulation cotton is placed on both sides of the interior, which is safe and anti-scald, and also has the function of heat preservation;

The fan adopts a long-life and low-noise turbo fan with good effect and low noise;

Wide compatibility, compatible with most of the 0.5/1KG, 1.75/2.85mm consumables on the market, and can be used with various consumables, such as PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, PA, PC, Nylon, TPU, etc.

eBOX Lite Dry Box

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