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  1. Dust-proof and moisture-proof: sealed protection, dust-proof, built-in special slot for drying bag, convenient for recycling; comes with non-slip foot pad
  2. Heating and drying: Freely set the drying heating time and heating temperature, and detect the temperature in the box in real time;
  3. Material weighing: freely set the weight of the empty tray, adjust the g/lb double unit weighing, real-time detection of the remaining material weight; LED backlit LCD screen, can automatically turn off the lights and save power
  4. eBOX manual

eBOX Dry Box

  • Package dimensions: 249(L) x 138(W) x 272.5(H)mm

    Product Size: 215(L) x 104(W) x 238.5(H)mm

    Maximum capacity: φ200x73(H)mm

    Product Weight 750g

    Rated power: AC100-240V-50/60Hz

    Power Output: DC12V~3A

    Drying power: 36W

    Maximum temperature: 80°C Weighing power: 0.1W

    Weighing load: 2KG

    Weighing error: ±0.02KG Consumable diameter: 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm


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