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This is a 3D printer that specializes in printing special materials. It can print signboards, light boxes, large outdoor lighting, soft materials (such as clothes and hangings), etc., adding more possibilities into indoor & outdoor design and fashion design industries, allowing 3D printing to be applied in more different fields and accelerating the development of all walks of life.


  • Extra large printing size: 600*600*60mm / 800*800*60mm
  • Supports SVG files, allowing customers to easily use 3D printers to produce products even if they do not have 3D files.
  • Supports two-color printing.
  • Supports a variety of 3D printing materials, such as: PLA, PETG, MMLA, etc.
  • Recommended for interior designers, fashion designers, artists, engineers and other professionals.


For more details about this product, please contact us at 21935175 / 67306091 .

3D printer for light signs and special materials

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